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Racism Have Escalated In The United State Because Of The COVID Out Break Professional

7 months ago News Lagos   114 views
Location: Lagos

Racism Have Escalated In The United State Because Of The COVID Out Break

Many believe one of the dangerous mistakes Formal President of the United State Of America did was to label COVID ''Chinese Virus'' with over half a million dead so far in United State Asian Americans are now Suffering a more racist attack

More hate crimes against Asian-Americans have escalated in the United States because COVID breakout from China

Many people are beginning to blame Donald Trump because he kept telling his base for a year that the "Chinese virus" was killing Americans. 

Now, even Asian-Americans who have never been to China, are not Chinese, were born in the United States, and do not even know how to embark on their first journey to Asia are being attacked.

This is not a criticism against Donald Trump, as we believe if he has not labeled the virus Chinese Virus, possible the rate of attack against the Asian Americans would not have been this much

Immigrants who came from many Asian countries are just being seen as Chinese and are being attacked. Asian-Americans who do not know any other country than the United States, including those whose relatives died fighting the deadly coronavirus in the United States, are also being attacked. 

In New York City, the Mayor was asked today why there are so many attacks against Asian-Americans and what he was doing about it. He condemned the attacks and blame it on the COVID Outbreak which started in China and has killed over half a million people in the United state Of America alone

Stay Safe in respective of where you are, stay safe and always wear a face mask if you are going out to public places

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