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The Journey To MARS Took 7 Months And 300 Million Miles Professional

7 months ago News Abuja   104 views
Location: Abuja

The Journey To MARS Took 7 Months And 300 Million Miles

From AfriNOTES

For those reading this from Neni town or ex where around the world, the reality of life remains that things impossible works out for those who not only believe that is possible but works effectively for a common goal

It will interest you to know that two weeks ago, somewhere in the world, United States presently. NASA's perseverance rover landed on Mars after a journey of 300 million miles in nearly 7 months. 

To many of us, it's like the rover just went on a straight line to Mars and that was it! No way!!! Mars and Earth are both orbiting around the sun, that's in a layman-like me language, Mars and Earth are both going in a circle around the sun at a different speed. 

Mars is a bit slower than Earth and when you launch a spacecraft, you can decide to get to Mars faster than 7 months, but then, that would mean the spacecraft would need to be lighter and not have all the devices you want it to have to study Mars. 

You can also decide that you will send a heavy spacecraft that will take longer and use more fuel to get to Mars. Since Mars and Earth are all orbiting around the sun, what is interesting is when perseverance left Earth 7 months ago, Mars may not have been in the same position it was when perseverance landed there two weeks ago. 

That means, if you go too fast, you may miss Mars and if you go too slow, you may miss Mars. What you do is to calculate that when perseverance reaches point B in 7 months, that's exactly where Mars would be!! And so perseverance took a longer route with more devices and fuel, and when it got there, Mars was in the right position to land! Amazing!

And there landed in Mars and now studying Mars.... while the Government in my country are busy promoting tribal war, terrorism, negotiating with bandits and terrorist

The reality is when Nigeria refuses to help us, this doesn't mean we should not help our self, always look for ways to help ourselves, strive to make new. make history in your big or little ways

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