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The World Is A Place Of Jungle, What Fulani, UK, USA Meted To Nigerians Professional

6 months ago News Abuja   98 views
Location: Abuja

The World Is A Place Of Jungle, What Fulani, UK, USA Meted To Nigerians


YOU SEE: In the late 1960s, millions of Biafran Nigerians were killed, properties belonging to them destroyed while billions of Biafran owned properties in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Calabar, Enugu, and ex where in Nigeria were taken away from the rightful owners the Biafra Nigerians by the Then Nigeria Government

This injustice and world of Jungle was not only happening in Nigeria, as California, now know as California city was taken over from Mexico by the USA, but this also happens before the 1800s after the USA beat Mexicans in an internal war years ago, they then killed them all and took over their land

The world is indeed a jungle where the weak are always overthrown, just as Fulani were never a majority tribe in Nigeria, they indeed immigrated from Lake ChadMali, GuineaCameroonSenegalNigerSouth SudanSudan, to Nigeria in few numbers then and were welcome by the Hausa one of the majority tribe in Nigeria back then.

Hausa's now sidelined and silenced by Fulani tribes even as more Fulani's are immigrating from over 15 countries and more to Nigeria in mass with the government giving them 100% FREE Pass and grants

Nigeria, yes entire Nigeria is no longer at peace, from north to south, west and east are now incompletely insecure, bandit and kidnapping are now top lucrative skill job in Nigeria

Innocent people dying like rats right in their land and country for sins they never commented, Yes it was Hausa that inhabited them the first set of Fulani's that immigrated from LAKE Chad to Nigeria years back and today they have outnumbered the Hausa, take over the Hausa land, and now trying to take over entire Nigeria

Will Nigerians let go of their inhabitant and let the Fulani' have their ways eve as the West being the Yoruba's have started agitating for the Yoruba Nation

No one knows the fate of Nigeria in the coming years, only but time will tell

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